Upright Open MRI

  • The FONAR UPRIGHT MRI is the world's only whole-body MRI with the ability to perform "Position Imaging".
  • Scans can be taken in various positions including: standing, sitting, flexion, extension, rotation, lateral, as well as recumbent positions.
  • Unusual patient positions that are difficult or impossible on conventional "lie-down" scanners are routine on the FONAR UPRIGHT MRI.
  • For the first time patients can be scanned in weight-bearing positions and in their positions of symptom or pain.
  • Functional ability to see all the body's organs and tissues in their normal upright position.
  • Coupled with the unparalleled ability to "see" soft tissue, the FONAR UPRIGHT OPEN MRI gives physicians a more global view of pathology and its impact on function.